Display help and other information for a given object.

Depending on the type of object that is passed in, this displays the object's name, type, value, signature, docstring, and member variables, methods — as well as the values/docstring of members and methods.

Function signature[source]



obj (any)

The object whose information should be displayed. If left unspecified, this call will display help for Streamlit itself.


Don't remember how to initialize a dataframe? Try this:

import streamlit as st
import pandas


Want to quickly check what data type is output by a certain function? Try:

import streamlit as st

x = my_poorly_documented_function()

Want to quickly inspect an object? No sweat:

class Dog:
  '''A typical dog.'''

  def __init__(self, breed, color):
    self.breed = breed
    self.color = color

  def bark(self):
    return 'Woof!'

fido = Dog('poodle', 'white')


And if you're using Magic, you can get help for functions, classes, and modules without even typing st.help:

import streamlit as st
import pandas

# Get help for Pandas read_csv:

# Get help for Streamlit itself:

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