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Deploy, manage, and share your Streamlit apps with the world in minutes all for free. Your Streamlit Community Cloud account connects directly to your GitHub repository (public or private). Most apps will launch in only a few minutes. Streamlit Community Cloud handles all of the containerization so all you need to worry about is creating the app. Rapidly prototype, explore, and update apps by simply changing your code in GitHub. Most changes appear immediately!

Want to avoid the work of setting up a local development environment? Community Cloud can help you quickly configure a codespace to develop in the cloud. Whether it's your own deployed app or an app deployed from a public repository, it only takes a few clicks to start coding or editing a Streamlit app. See Edit your app.

If you haven't built your first Streamlit app yet, you can check out Get started in our Streamlit library documentation or Fork and edit a public app from our App gallery. Check out Quickstart to speed-run you through creating your account, deploying an example app, and editing it using GitHub Codespaces.


Quickstart Create your account and deploy an example app as fast as possible. Jump right into coding with GitHub Codespaces.


Get started Learn about Streamlit Community Cloud accounts and how to create one.


Manage your app Access logs, reboot apps, set favorites, and more. Jump into a GitHub Codespace to edit your app in the cloud.


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Our forums are full of helpful information and Streamlit experts.

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