Command-line interface

When you install Streamlit, a command-line (CLI) tool gets installed as well. The purpose of this tool is to run Streamlit apps, change Streamlit configuration options, and help you diagnose and fix issues.

To see all of the supported commands:

streamlit --help
streamlit run [-- script args]

Runs your app. At any time you can stop the server with Ctrl+c.



When passing your script some custom arguments, they must be passed after two dashes. Otherwise the arguments get interpreted as arguments to Streamlit itself.

To see the Streamlit 'Hello, World!' example app, run streamlit hello.

To see what version of Streamlit is installed, just type:

streamlit version
streamlit docs

Opens the Streamlit documentation (i.e. this website) in a web browser.

streamlit cache clear

Clears persisted files from the on-disk Streamlit cache, if present.

As described in Configuration, Streamlit has several configuration options. To view them all, including their current values, just type:

streamlit config show

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