Display text in title formatting.

Each document should have a single st.title(), although this is not enforced.

Function signature[source]

st.title(body, anchor=None, *, help=None)


body (str)

The text to display as Github-flavored Markdown. Syntax information can be found at: https://github.github.com/gfm.

This also supports:

  • Emoji shortcodes, such as :+1: and :sunglasses:. For a list of all supported codes, see https://share.streamlit.io/streamlit/emoji-shortcodes.
  • LaTeX expressions, by wrapping them in "$" or "$$" (the "$$" must be on their own lines). Supported LaTeX functions are listed at https://katex.org/docs/supported.html.
  • Colored text, using the syntax :color[text to be colored], where color needs to be replaced with any of the following supported colors: blue, green, orange, red, violet, gray/grey, rainbow.

anchor (str or False)

The anchor name of the header that can be accessed with #anchor in the URL. If omitted, it generates an anchor using the body. If False, the anchor is not shown in the UI.

help (str)

An optional tooltip that gets displayed next to the title.


import streamlit as st

st.title('This is a title')
st.title('_Streamlit_ is :blue[cool] :sunglasses:')

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