Insert a single-element container.

Inserts a container into your app that can be used to hold a single element. This allows you to, for example, remove elements at any point, or replace several elements at once (using a child multi-element container).

To insert/replace/clear an element on the returned container, you can use "with" notation or just call methods directly on the returned object. See examples below.

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Overwriting elements in-place using "with" notation:

import streamlit as st
import time

with st.empty():
    for seconds in range(60):
        st.write(f"⏳ {seconds} seconds have passed")
    st.write("✔️ 1 minute over!")

Replacing several elements, then clearing them:

import streamlit as st

placeholder = st.empty()

# Replace the placeholder with some text:

# Replace the text with a chart:
placeholder.line_chart({"data": [1, 5, 2, 6]})

# Replace the chart with several elements:
with placeholder.container():
    st.write("This is one element")
    st.write("This is another")

# Clear all those elements:

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